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MINERAL AND CHEMICAL (THAILAND) CO., LTD. was established on December 29, 1987 at Bangkok. We have driven the better concrete admixture product to all concrete factories nationwide and continually improve our customer cost efficiency at all time to be the leading supplier of construction chemical, concrete additive & filler material and basic chemical products. for more detail>

Product   Project referrence

Mineral do provide a variety of chemical and construction material product and especially emphasized on construction chemical products such as Super plasticizers, air-entraining agents, and mold release agents to meet a diverse range of applications and requirements.

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Mineral and Chemical (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and especially Kao Mighty product are widely recognized in the superior of concrete admixture factory and have been widely used in many construction project and concrete factory nationwide in Thailand and South East Asia countries.  We would like to present the project that used our Mighty product as following.

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