Concrete Admixture  
Driving & Providing superior product and technical support to response to each customer requirement and project specification in order to deliver an innovative concrete product  and total concrete cost efficiency & ecological under brand Kao Mighty.

We do offer a full range of advance and consistency product quality of chemical additive for Precast, Ready-Mix, Dry-Cast Tunneling industry and Concrete Product Factory. 

  • High range Water Reducing Super plasticizers
  • Retarding Set Type Super plasticizers
  • Slump Retentive Type Super plasticizers
  • Super plasticizers for Self-Compacting Concrete
  • Air-entraining agents
  Concrete Mold Release Agent

This is covered by the MIGHTY series of products to achieve a nicer and smoother concrete surface texture compared to conventional release agents. The products are oil phase water-soluble and can easily eliminate air voids on the surface of concrete such as pinholes and bug holes as well as residue of concrete.

Asphalt Emulsifier  
This is covered by the ASFIER series of emulsifiers for the production of cationic and anionic types of rapid and slow set asphalt emulsion.

GRIPPER range of specialty additives will tremendously improve the superior adhesion properties of asphalt onto aggregates. This will in turn dramatically increase the long span of hot and cold asphalt mixes for road building and etc.

Concrete additive and filler material Basic Chemical and Solvent

We also provide concrete additive and filler material product to response of each customer construction product and project requirement as Calcium Carbonate and Silica fume (Micro silica) etc.

Aromatics & solvents Benzene, toluene, xylene, solvents and Methyl Methacrylate (MMA).
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